Mayla Green

Sexpert & Co-founder of The Adult Toy Shop
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Mayla Green is the Sexpert & co-founder of, a classy online adult sex shop for couples based out of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Mayla's origins as a sex coach, blogger and author include over 15 years of experience helping couples enjoy a fiery, passionate sex life. Below is a compilation of her most popular educational articles, sex toy guides and Sexpert FAQ's:


Mayla Green

relationship coach
sex coach

Mayla Green started her career by working in brick & mortar sex shops in Calgary, Alberta in 2003. After relocating to Mt.Laurel, New Jersey in 2008, she co-founded The Adult Toy Shop to bring her expertise to the forefront of the sex toy industry. She prides herself on being extremely knowledgeable about sex toys and can tailor product suggestions to each person's needs and desires.

She works as a customer service representative, blogger, product curator and content producer for the online store. Currently, Mayla is the sole content producer and publishes new blog posts every week.

Since moving to an online presence in 2008, she has expanded her sex coaching to couples across the USA. Her specialty is to help married couples stuck in a sex rut, counseling them on ways to improve pleasure and deepen the martial bond.

She believes sex should be FUN and maintains a happy, playful attitude towards lovemaking, encouraging partners not to take sex so seriously! She writes all the content including FAQ columns, users guides & instructional manuals seen on The Adult Toy Shop.

Being relevant to 2023, sex toy business is booming now that Americans are shedding the taboo image of using vibrators, dildos and adult products together. Now is the perfect time to try erotic accessories in the bedroom. Shifting focus, current blog topics are geared towards couples stuck at home together and ways to make the most of these stressful times by exploring sexuality and intimacy at home.

Mayla Green is very active in the field of human sexuality in both print media and online. Her articles are revered within the "Sexpert" industry. The advanced techniques and skills one can learn within her comprehensive guides and FAQ pages are above and beyond the basic information so commonly seen online. Learn about sex toys, dildos vibrators and discover new foreplay advice for lovers.

If you are a journalist looking to connect with a sex coach for help on your articles or need recommendations on trending & new sex toys, please feel free to contact Mayla, she is always ready to help a journalist in need!